Ohoopee Match Club

One of the great new courses built in the last decade, Ohoopee has moved into a top 10 overall experience in golf. Casual, and chill, fun, and irreverent, the club provides all that is good about the new world of golf.

The course is quirky and different (which I like a lot!)… there are 22 greens and a number of different routings to play so on a three day trip you rarely feel like you are playing the same hole twice.

Some of the routings experiment with par 5.5s (longer par 5-ish holes) and par 3.5s (shorter par four-ish holes). There is no slope nor rating and match play among the group is encouraged.

The staff is incredibly well trained and accommodating and the food is awesome (seriously, awesome).

If you get a chance, for sure take a few days with golf loving friends at Ohoopee.

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