Apawamis and Fenway

Grounded in NY during the global pandemic of 2020, the golf courses slowly have begun allowing guests.

I recently had the chance to play two wonderful local Westchester gems: Apawamis and Fenway.

Apawamis landed a greenskeeper from Oakmont a few years back and the course was in perfect shape in late May. I had played this Rye, New York historic course a number of times in the past but hadn’t the chance to revisit it with the new greenskeeper in place.

The course is incredibly fun and a wonderful track.

It has a rich tradition and history too as a serious golf course originally designed by Willie Dunn (who later went on to design Shinnecock out in Long Island).

Fenway’s Club House

Fenway too has a robust history and was principally designed by Tillinghast in the 1920’s.

It also is beautifully maintained and is a very fun track.

Both courses should be flirting if not in the top 100 courses in the US.

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