Eastward Ho!

Despite growing up in New England, I never heard of the Eastward Ho Golf Course.  I think frankly without the golf course raters I would not have found my way to this beautiful property.  Located on the eastern end of Cape Cod, the course is a short links style course designed by Herbert Fowler (who built the 18th hole at Pebble Beach and a number of courses overseas).

 Like a lot of these old courses I get to play, this course does not follow traditional rules of golf.  The holes are quirky and weird, but amazing.  The land which goes along a peninsula and has sea and beach alongside many holes is very hilly.  Many shots are blind and the course book is comical in that they give you very little detail on where to hit to, etc. 

Thankfully we had a great forecaddie with us or it would have been a real mess of a day!

Greens were fast and firm and the course conditions were great.

 I really enjoyed this course and it certainly helped that we got a perfect summer day to boot.



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