Hamilton Farms

This first time I heard of Hamilton Farms was through our caddies at Augusta.

Because Augusta isn’t open for much of the year, professional caddies there need to find work elsewhere and many choose to come north for the summer to this beautiful facility.

Built on an old horse farm, the sprawling property made for a perfect golf course – two in fact: The Highlands, a traditional and beautiful 18 hole course, and the Hickory, the only USGA rated par-3 golf course in the US.

The Highlands is a wide, hilly, and open course. Holes are manageable and fun, but certainly not easy.

The course is maintained as a top-100 course should be and is nearly flawless.

The Hickory course is cool and fun and unique. It reminds me of the par 3 at Pine Valley in that it is a serious challenge of golf but also cute and quirky in that each hole is a par 3. And who doesn’t love a par 3?

Rumor has it that Tiger Woods has yet to par the Hickory course. Some of the holes are really tricky.

Overall the Highlands course should be a top 100 and once more raters get out on it I could see this happening.

A few more photos:

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