Hudson National

Over the past two years or so I have noticed a trend where a number of my high golf-IQ (and high disposable income level!) friends rushing to try and join Hudson National. I hadn’t been in years but was excited to get the chance to play in the one-day member-guest match this past week.

The facilities that greeted us were first rate. This is a photo (above) of the new practice facility by the driving range. There are rooms to stay in on the second floor — this is the common space with an honor bar and TVs. The club is attracting members from all over the country.

This was a foggy day but normally there are breathtaking views of the Hudson from many of the holes.

The ruins of an early 20th century club house (seen here above behind my friend Sam) provides a pop of aesthetic beauty on all the holes that surround it (sort like the windmill at National).

The green-keepers had the course in perfect shape (however the rough was penal on account of its length and a rainstorm the night before).

Big on the fun-factor here we are post round on one of the porches of the clubhouse. It was a cold night and they had blankets for us around the fire pit.

Really nice course and club and I look forward to playing more of it for sure.

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