North Berwick West Links

While a far way from home and certainly not part of my “top 100 in the US” mandate, I was incredibly lucky to play this fine Scottish Course four times over just a few days.

The 1832 gem is perfect golf in every way possible. The course is fair, fun, endlessly challenging, varied, quirky, and spectacular in beauty.

The course makes use of this beautiful stone wall as it waves itself through the holes.

The holes go out (in our case with the wind, but often against) for miles in the same direction before heading back towards the town of North Berwick where you end up on 18.

Many holes take you along a creek and others the ocean. Our host assured us that the beach is simply a large sand trap and to be played from.

Dog walkers and day picnickers are present all through the course and do not seem to be bothered by the golfers (nor the golfers by them).

It is amazing to see how each tee time is still filled even with weather that would leave most courses empty in the US.

It was an incredible few rounds. In my opinion, the West Course would be a top five course if in the US.

Some other photos of a wonderful few days:

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