The Los Angeles Country Club

I had not played LACC in a number of years and was excited to go back and check it out through the lens of a guy who has played a number of the great golf courses in the US. When I last played it 8 years ago I may have played 10 top 100 courses at that time (now its over 70 thanks to the generosity of friends). Now with fresh eyes I “get it” and it is awesome.

Photos are prohibited on the course so I have lifted my photos from Instagram. I did take this photo outside the grounds of the entrance (note no sign!!).

The course remind me a lot of its neighbor up north, CalClub. It is beautiful and grand and certainly a top 25 overall experience and course.

I got to stay in the clubhouse and the renovated rooms are as nice as any top hotel. If you get the chance stay there. We played 18 on the North and then 9-ish on the South. Both are great and fun. Of course the North is the more famous of the two.

I like the quirky second seventeen hole that was found in the last renovation (it is open on some week days and is sort of a 19th hole).

Overall great club and experience!

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