The Olympic Club (Lake Course)

The Lake Course at the Olympic Club has a special place in my heart.  A number of years ago, I was in San Francisco for work and had a free afternoon.  I tried, and tried to get onto the course and couldn’t.  Finally, and out of luck, my uncle found a connection and I got my wish.  I think this experience may have been where the root of my top-100 addiction to golf came from…

After over a decade, I now got the chance to play the course again.  With fresh eyes and 70+ “top 100” courses behind me it was great to see the course lived up to my favorable memory. 

The Lake Course is a beautiful course and is meant for good players (not me!).  It is truly a competitive golf course, the way Bethpage Black is.  Each hole has various very well thought through risk-reward elements and a normal golfer needs to chill out a bit and just enjoy the experience instead of trying to get their best score ever (because that ain’t goin’ to happen!). 


The newly restored bunkering was superb and were some of the deepest and most beautiful bunkers I have seen in my quest.  The course was green and lush, and the views of the San Francisco skyline are outstanding.

 I hope I get the opportunity to play this course many more times.

A photo of the famous burger dog:


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