Old Macdonald (Bandon Dunes)

I really enjoyed this true links-style case along the Oregon Coast.  The holes are wide open and fair and I could see the potential to score well here.  I also liked Doak’s interpretation of CB MacDonald although I am not sure I know enough to get all the references that were out there.  I did recognize the third hole to be very similar to the second hole at National.

This is a really fun course to start the trip out on… you can’t get too frustrated.  There isn’t really any out of bounds or major hazards and I think we all finished with the same ball we started with.  My only slight on the course is that while each hole is distinctive and unique it is hard to remember the holes after playing them.  That I think is a bit true of much of links golf as there are no trees or other markers to differentiate the holes.

I got to play the course twice, once in the morning, and once at twilight.  The afternoon rounds are generally much more windy throughout the Bandon property so it was nice to be able to play the course in both windy and less windy conditions.

The place is so pretty and here are just some of the photos of Old Mac:

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