Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

I have now played over 70 “top-100” courses in the US and feel very knowledgeable on what makes a great course great.  I wasn’t sure what to expect on this first trip to Bandon.  I was a little skeptical that the property would not live up to the hype.

I was totally wrong….Bandon Dunes is absolutely incredible.  It blew me and my friends (who also play a lot of great courses) away. I am going to divide this blog post up into different parts.  I will write a bit about each of the five courses (including the par 3 course which is worthy of a post) in a separate post for each course.

Here I want to just share a few observations for those who are like me and haven’t been there before.

1 Picking your caddies is really important to the experience.  At Bandon you stick with the same caddies the whole time so they really shape the experience.  I have a friend who travels to Bandon twice a year and recommended Scott Curry and Donny Hiebing  These guys are both +2 to 3 golfers who really care about the guest experience and know the courses perfectly.  Plus, they are fun to be with for a few days.  If you have friends who have been to Bandon before ask them about their caddies and if they liked them.  Scott and Donny were awesome though and they usually work together.

2 If you can, play all five courses at least once.  (We were fortunate and played three of them twice.) You can ask 10 people what their favorite courses are and each will give you a different answer since they are all so awesome.  It is fun to play them all and form your own impressions.  For what is worth, my favorite was Pacific Dunes.

3 Try out the Punch Bowl golf course and the Tap-In bar (best golf bar name ever!).  It is a large 18 hole putting green that changes daily and is super fun and chill (people are out there in flip flops).

4 Listen to the PodCast and before you go.  The No Laying Up guys do a great job digesting their experience at Bandon.

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