Pine Valley

By many accounts Pine Valley is the number one golf course in the world. Today, I got to experience why. The holes are not only unique amongst themselves but also in comparison to all golf courses Ive been to. The designer George Crump built only one course in his time and did not follow convention.

The bunkering in particular is striking and covers much of the playing surfaces. After a few holes the average golfer (like me) simply gets “used to” playing out of the sand.

Another element I hadn’t seen before is a hole that alternates between two separate greens. Some days you hit down to the left green and some days to the right.

Similarly some holes have different tees that change the angle to the hole from day to day. This was a nice shoot we experienced the second day (but not the first).

The greens are perfect, actually everything is perfect.

I had heard that the ride into the club is sort of funny in that the surrounding area is rather downtrodden and you pass a seemingly abandoned amusement park as you try and find the gate to the club. Here is a photo:

For any golf lover trying to play Pine Valley at least once is a must. I feel so lucky I was able to play it. Here is a bunch of balls they display from former Presidents of the United States:

Another cool and unique feature of the property is the “short” course that includes eight replica holes from the course from two hundred yards in or so. This part of the property is casual and groups can play together in as many as eight.

A few other photos of my times at PV:

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