Sage Valley Golf Club

Twenty minutes down the road from Augusta National lies the little known Sage Valley Golf Club. The course very much wants to be like Augusta, only a bit more fun, and friendly. I think they have achieved their goal.

In my opinion Sage Valley is a top five experience in golf. It is a must stop on the tour bus for any scratch golf snob like myself.

Let’s start with the caddies who are dressed like the ones down the road with a white one piece outfit and a green satchel and are also paired one caddy to one player. The rumor is that the club supports a 401(k) program for the caddies to attract the best ones from their neighboring club. Having had the opportunity to play Augusta last year, I can attest that the course plays and feels like the real thing. I was worried that the experience would feel like an “Epcot center” version of the original but the original is soooo good this copy feels just fine to me. The manicuring of this course is spectacular (yes, just like Augusta) down to to perfectly coiffed pinestraw in the trees. But unlike Augusta, nor anywhere else I’ve been on my golf journey they have something absurdly awesome and totally uh-mazing… night-golf. Yes, actual golf under the lights. They have four dormie holes with stadium lights (think yankee stadium level lights) for nighttime golf. CRAZY cool. (Our group decided to play an alternate shot shamble kind of thing)(Which led to a heated game)This is one of these places that gets it right. The cabins, food and services are first rate. The course (while inspired by their neighbor) rivals almost any course in the top 50 in the US (The course should for-sure be in the top 100 on its own merits). I took a bunch of photos and here are just a few of the best:Caption: “Happy Golfer”Oh, and another. And yet another.

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