The Honors Course

This is a world-class golf facility located just outside Chattanooga, TN. Like a lot of the history of these courses in the top-100 a well-to-do local business man set off to create a top course in his hometown. Pete Dye was brought in during the late 70s to design a course on hundreds of acres of untouched land.

The course design is varied and fun. No two holes are alike. We played it a bit early in the season and the zoysia grass was still a bit dormant. I randomly love playing on zoysia grass (see my Flint Hills entry) as the ball sits up soooo nice, like it is on a tee.

Thank you to my host Frank for being an incredible host and making this top 100 day so memorable.

A few more photos of the day:

3 thoughts on “The Honors Course

  1. I had the pleasure of playing with Aaron. If you get a chance to play with him, don’t pass it up. It will be fun whether you are playing Pine Valley or your local muni. And if you belong to a top 100 club, I would suggest inviting him – he will be great company, but in addition his enthusiasm will remind you why you love your course.

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