Cypress Point Club

Man. Woah.

Finally got to play CPC this week. Bucket list experience for sure. The course is sick. I don’t even know where to start.

As I’ve written in past blog posts the land on 17 mile drive in Pebble Beach is blessed by the golf gods. The combination of sand, ocean, and beautiful Cypress forests is just, well, special.

The course builds and builds and builds throughout the round getting better and better and BETTER. 15, 16, and 17 are the nicest three hole stretch I’ve seen in my top 100 journey and 15 is the the prettiest and best hole in America in my opinion.

Amazingly though, Alister MacKenzie establishes this as one of the best courses in the world well before the 15th hole.

The middle holes through the woods are varied, beautiful, and perfect.

I love the bunkering everywhere and very cool to see MacKenzie’s fascination with the art of camouflage. When you turn around from the green and look back at the tee you can only see one bunker all day. All the rest are hidden when you walk past them.

Just a great, amazing and playable course. I am super jealous of all the members of this place that can play this track whenever they feel like it.

There we so many amazing photos of the day and here are a few of them…

This is a plaque by the tee box on 17.

This is me just being happy:

This is the sign at the entrance:

This is the famous 16th hole… frankly it is a little too much for this mediocre golfer. I’m not a great golfer but I don’t generally have to go for a lay-up on a par 3 like I did here.

This is the walk along the coast approaching 16:

4 thoughts on “Cypress Point Club

  1. Fantastic pics and round up of an iconic course. I am questing hard to play there and so glad when someone gets to play there. Looks like you had great weather as well!


  2. Great recap and pics of an iconic day, plus it looks like you had awesome weather! I have been questing hard to play Cypress and so glad when someone gets on!


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