Spyglass Hill Golf Course

Spyglass Hill. Another incredible course on the Monterey Peninsula. And also another one that while pricey is public and accessible.

The first five holes are some of the best in golf jutting out into, next to and along the Pacific Ocean. Some say these holes are meant to feel like the great Pine Valley but then they ran out of money after five holes. I loved the first holes but also enjoyed the rest of the course very much where I saw resemblances of Augusta in the wooded, hilly terrain.

We played first tee time of the day (8am) and breezed through our round hardly seeing another group. Very nice day with Brian and Aleah.

Here are some other photos:

2 thoughts on “Spyglass Hill Golf Course

  1. Aaron—

    Spyglass’ first 5-6 holes are very different from the rest of the course simply because of the land that was used…holes 2-5 were built on land that was not covered by trees…it was exposed dunes. Same is true for the last 150-200 yards of hole 1 and the first 250 yards of hole 6. The rest of the property was forests. It is only in the last 20-25 years that folks began to understand how bad trees are for golf course turf…so no one would have thought about clear cutting the tress…and the tree huggers would have gone nuts (not sure what if any environ. laws and regs applied then in the mid 1960’s).

    I played Spyglass for the first time in 1969 and the next time in either 1971 or 1972 (I think ’71). The second time i played it, i noticed that some huge trees about 250 yards off the tee on the left side of #1 that were there in 1969 were gone. It was explained to me that they had been near the edge of, but were in the forest and when they cleared other trees to create the first fairway…all of a sudden these protected trees were exposed to the winds and did not survive.

    I woulds bet big $$ it had nothing to do w running out of $$$.

    best paul


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