Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach. I have played this course 100s of times (on Tiger Woods Golf on the X-box in college) and now twice in real life. Could there be a more iconic American golf experience?

Today’s round was particularly cool as we played as amateurs in the PGA Championship Tour (this used to be called the Seniors tour) event. Our PGA partner was Phillip Price, a wonderful guy, who (random factoid here) in 2002 beat Phil Mickelson in a Ryder Cup match.

Okay… but I digress. Pebble Beach. Wow. Absolutely incredible experience and course. It isn’t just the cliffs, nor the ocean, but remember across the Bay you stare out at a beautiful mountainside panorama. The course is incredibly playable and fun. The greens are relatively flat and long putts are makable.

If you can get an early tee here it is well worth getting up early for as the sunrise is extraordinary. We got lucky today as they put us off the 10th hole at sunrise. A little hard to express how pretty it was as the cliffs lit up at day-break.

A few other special photos of our day:

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