Somerset Hills Country Club

Next to San Francisco Golf Club, Somerset Hills is the best Tillinghast Course I have played – and thats saying something as at this point in my top 100 journey Ive played both Baltusrol courses, both Winged Foot courses, Quaker Ridge, and a half dozen other lesser known/admired Tillinghast tracks. Somerset is a super nice course that also is very playable and fun. The course keeps a very low profile and I hadn’t heard of the club (until recently) even though it is within a few hour drive from my house.

The club has a very small and modest club house and pro shop, a sign that they are not there to show off in any way other than with their world class course.

I shot an 89 today which is pretty good for me, and I really enjoyed the playability and diversity of the holes. The front nine and back nine are different from one another as the front is wide open and the back more wooded. The front reminded me of Oakmont and overall the place had a similar feel to Chicago Golf Club.

Two golf thumbs up on this place!

Some photos of the day:

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