Ballyneal Golf Club

As you come to Ballyneal for the first time you know you are about to discover a great golf course simply from the ride to the property. We drove from Denver Airport where we passed mile after mile of endless land, all of which – and I may be a bit biased here – looked ripe for golf course design. When you finally get to Ballyneal you know you are about to have an awesome round of golf before you even tee up the first ball. The land and facilities are beautiful, absolutely stunning.

Photography doesn’t really do the scenery justice but I will try my best.

After our round we scooted around the 12 hole Mulligan course which is a quirky par 3 course. At sunset, with a few beers in the cooler, the experience is A+.

One fun tradition of the course is that the loser of match play has to carry both their bag and their opponent’s bag up from the 18th green to the club house. In today’s match I lost to my friend Dave. Here I am relieving the caddy from his duties.

Some other nice photos of the course and the facilities:

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