The Olympic Club (Ocean Course)

Often overlooked by the more “famous” Lake course, the Ocean course at Olympic is a super, super track. Very playable and open. I didn’t notice one water hazard and think I managed to get through the day with only one lost ball and a rare (for me) sub-90 round.  

Oh… but I digress.  Let’s discuss the main event:  the cheeseburger in a hot dog bun served at the turn.  Legend has it (supported by reports on a blog – so it must be true) that originally this was a delicacy of a fishermen’s snack stand outside the property.  At some point the club convinced the proprietor to move the stand inside the gates of Olympic.  The cheeseburger at Olympic is one of the most prized food items in golf.  Sort of like the Green Jacket of snacks.  It is pretty awesome.  

Back to golf.. our day was a classic SF foggy day.  Very sunny on some holes,very pea soup on others.  I didn’t really grab the camera until too late (when the fog rolled in), but here are some shots to give you a taste of the beautiful course:

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