Valley Club of Montecito

 One of the frequently asked questions I get from those interested in the Top 100 journey is “which little-known courses have you played that has most impressed you?” The Valley Club may be the best course that no one has heard of in the US. Other than Augusta I can’t think of a finer course I’ve played so far.  

I played in a foursome of experienced and well traveled golfers and each and every hole someone said something to the effect of “wow, this is the most beautiful hole I’ve ever seen.” On and on for 18 holes…the comment didn’t get old. 

The course has everything you would ever want: 1) beautiful scenery (tucked neatly between a mountain range and the Pacific, the course has nearly no noise, distraction – just pure bliss), 2) perfect bunkers (as good as Augusta and SFGC) greens (many greens reminded us of Augusta) and fairways, and 3) very interesting course design. As a short hitter, I was very happy to play so many reachable par four and fives.  

After our round we had a drink and lunch out on the patio overlooking the course and the Pacific Ocean. 
A+ day. Special thanks to my friend Jon S. for hooking it up. 
Photos below:

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