Mayacama Golf Club

A friend of mine generously hosted me at Mayacama for my first top-100 experience of the 2017 golf season.  

Mayacama is located about 1.5 hours north of San Francisco in Somoma wine country.  The landscape is mountainous and grand and looks similar to southern France.  Apparently much of the land the course sits on today was part of Charles Schultz’ (from Snoopy fame) estate.  

I was able to sneak in two rounds on my short stay at Mayacama.  This was dumb luck by me, but in hindsight I highly recommend this approach.  The course is very visually intimidating from many of the tees and it was nice on my second round to know where to land the ball and that most holes open up quite a bit in the fairway (although it doesnt look like that from the tee). 

The food (and the wine) are as good as any club in the world.  

Here are some photos:

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