Kinloch Golf Club

With a business trip to Richmond, VA on the calendar in late November, I began to research which top 100 courses were near enough to the city to make it work on this short trip. Fortunately for me I found my way to Kinloch Golf Course which is located roughly between Richmond and Charlottesville.  

Kinloch opened about 15 years ago and has consistently been ranked in all the lists that track best “new” courses.  The facility is huge and very elegant. The course is interesting and a bit quirky in a good way (most notably on several tee boxes you can play up to the hole on more than one fairway). 

Here are some photos of the awesome cabins on the grounds that include a pool table, stocked bar, and access to the putting green steps behind the porch:

I thought one cool feature is that instead of ball markers for the greens the course provides pennies. The caddies explained that a normal ball marker costs 3-4 cents to make and a penny ends up being cheaper.  

Also when the round ends there is a very challenging 19th hole which is a par 3 you can play from multiple tees. Some tournaments and matches are settled on this water hole:

Here are more photos of this great course:

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