Oak Tree National

Located just outside of Oklahoma City, I had the pleasure of playing this course in near 100 degree July heat.  See below (note the “feels like” number). Lol!!

Despite the folly of my late July trip to Oklahoma, the course was incredible and fun.  It is known as the hardest course in the US, and so as a 16 index I was not going into this experience expecting greatness.  However, the course was surprisingly fair and very interesting. Water comes into play on nearly every hole (maybe even every hole, it was HOT, I dont remember exactly!). There are some interesting design elements I hadnt seen before such as sand traps that blend right into water hazards (like a beach). Here’s an example behind my friend putting:

Here’s another example of how hard the course is… This is the first tee. Note how right out of the gate you have to thread your drive right through the chute between the trees. 

Overall, the course is very challenging, well designed, and very well kept (especially given the extreme summer heat).  

Here are some other photos of our special day at Oak Tree National:

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