I keep a list of the Top 100 Courses behind my desk and as I get through each one I cross it out with a yellow highlighter.  This winter my friend Sam was in my office and put a little sticky note next to Oakmont that said “Spring 2016 w/ Sam.”

True to his post-it note promise Sam got us out last month for a round on this track pre-2016 US Open. A Pittsburgh native the experience with Sam began the night before with a trip to the beautiful PNC Field to watch a Pirates Game and two meals (pre-baseball game and post-baseball game) at Primanti Bros. 

Oakmont is golf heaven. Everywhere you look are golf holes. It is very wide open and perfectly manicured. 

Here are some photos:

2 thoughts on “Oakmont

  1. Fun to stumble on this while sitting here in Chevy Chase watching the Open with my father-in-law and talking about today’s round at Burning Tree. Nice timing as always, Aaron. Here’s my question: where’s the posted list of courses and your scores?

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    1. Funny. Im still working on how to do this blog but yes I need a section for my scores and the list of courses. Ive played about 20-30 now of the top 100 but have only had a chance to write up a few of them.


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