Prairie Dunes

Prairie Dunes is an american golf-gem. I always reflect when I get the chance to play in Scotland how golf there is not an “elite” sport and somehow over the generations here in the US the game became accessible through snobby private clubs. Prairie Dunes is a completely unpretentious place, very relaxing and fun.

The membership is a bit interesting as it consists of three general groups: Local members who live close to Hutchinson (Kansas), members who live within a 2-3 hour drive from the club (ex. Kansas City and Manhattan KS residents), and National Members who come in 1-2x a year (if they are lucky) from the big cities like LA and NYC. When you grab a drink in the locker room after your round you are as likely to be sitting next to a local farmer as you are an investment banker from Houston. In the last few years they built a few cabins for out of town guests which are very nice, but if you cant get lodging you can stay in a hotel in Hutchinson or the Wichita area (which is an easy one hour drive away).

Despite the low-key vibe of the club, the course is one of the very nicest in the US and well worth the trip to Kansas if you can ever finagle a round.  They say that some of the American tour professionals stop at PD before the British Open tour events as the course plays a lot like a course in Europe. What I love about the course is that it is in perfect shape, and while difficult, very playable (that being said, I’ve played 6 rounds or so there now and havent shot under 90).

Here are some 2017 photos:

Here are some photos from a 2016 trip out there with my friend Matt:

And here are other photos from other trips to PD:

By the way, this is interesting and pretty cool that John Garrity thinks so highly of Prairie Dunes

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