Muirfield Village Golf Club

Each year the day after the Memorial Tournament the corporate sponsors are allowed to play this course. I was fortunate enough to snag an invitation in one of the groups this year. To make the experience even more awesome the ground crew sets up the pins in the exact spot as they were on Sunday for the PGA pros and the stands are still up. 

I was not disappointed by my experience at Muirfield. Those who get to call this course their home are incredibly lucky. This is a course you would want to play every day and I hope I get another opportunity at some point to take another turn on the track (I shot a 97 but would like to try and break 90). 

One of the signs of a world class course is that every hole is different and unique and I certainly felt the effect of the amazing Nicklaus design. Each hole seemed to be picture perfect and could be a framed photo on  a wall. 

Also, if you read up on the course, you will see mentions of the legendary milkshake experience. I ordered the “buck eye” milkshake (photo below). 

Here are some photos of my day at Muirfield:

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